Helpful Hints


Below are some general guidelines or information to help members taking part in a Mopley activity.

If you have any other questions please phone or email one of the Mopley Riding Club Committee.  We are here to support and are always happy to try to help!



Please note that MRC has Third Party Insurance that covers Public Liability only.  Members are advised that they should obtain any other insurance they require.  First Aid cover is not always available for events and would be limited to standard NHS A&E callout. All persons ride at their own risk, and MRC and landowners accept no responsibility for any accident, loss or damage, however caused, to competitors, spectators, animals, vehicles or any equipment brought to events.



It is the person who is the member not the horse i.e. if you are a member but you let a non member ride your horse at an event then non member fees must be paid and no points are awarded (see points system page) A member can ride any horse, it does not have to be the same each time.



If a Senior and Junior member share the same pony it is possible at some morning events for both members to ride and still qualify for points (See Annual Trophies).  However, two riders of the same age group (e.g. two juniors) cannot ride the same horse or pony.



Hats are compulsory for any person mounted and they must meet current riding standards

Dress for Sunday Morning events smart casual preferably with long sleeves for your own safety.

At major Open events such as the Annual show it is smart with competitors in jackets, ties and gloves.

Back protectors are recommended for all events but are compulsory for X Country.



~ The rule is that horses should pass left to left in the warm up area.

~ Please take the inside track if you are in walk in a warm up area.

~ Beware of horses with ribbons in their tails:    

      Red means the horse may kick

      Green means the horse is young

      White means the horse is a stallion

~ A jump is usually set in the warm up area.  Jump the obstacle with due regard and    diligence to other users in the vicinity.


Prior to any major event help is always needed to set up the rings and equipment.  Whilst this may be pretty hard work it can also be good fun as it often provides an entertaining dog agility, practise / socialisation session.  It is also quietly instructional as you can get a preview into the art of course building and the psychology behind it, which can help you achieve a good result.






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